• A Few Updates for FNO Community

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Parents:

1- School Supplies for Refugee Kids: A huge thanks to all parents and students who participated at the Helping Hand event last Friday 9/23 by donating school supplies and Saturday 9/24 by packing up boxes. Mashaa Allah, the girls packed 48 boxes filled with school supplies and clothes of different age groups. Great effort! May Allah reward you all immensely and bless you always. Pictures are attached for your reference.

2- Clipboard: We would like to request parents to write names of their kids on the clipboards. Parents may use name tag stickers or any other stickers with their kids’ names on the clipboard. It’s a bit difficult to identify clipboard owners without any personal markings. Please write both first and last names on the sticker as attached in the picture below. Also, if your son/daughter lost her clipboard, please see the FNO table with lost and found box to identify it at the lobby.

3- Orphan Sponsor: FNO is still collecting donations (coins/money) to sponsor orphans. There is an “Orphan Sponsor” donation box available at the FNO administration table. Please encourage your kids to bring change and drop it off in the assigned orphan sponsor donation box. To sponsor an orphan, it costs $1 per day/$365 for the year.  Elhamdolellah, last semester FNO kids were able to sponsor two orphans, Mashaa Allah.  Here’s the website for more details https://www.hhrd.org/osp/

4- Good Character Award: As a way of encouraging kids to have a good manner and akhlaq, FNO teachers started a good character award. Each week a student from each group will be chosen by their teacher for their best manner and akhlaq, and will be awarded the ribbon.

5-   Keep a note of a few upcoming FNO days: 
a) Friday, October 7th: Amazing Jakes for all groups of boys and girls, no halaqa at the Masjid on that day.

  1. b) Friday, October 21stCollections of school supplies for refugee kids.
  2. c) Saturday, October 22nd: Helping Hands event for boys ages 7 & up from 10 AM to 12 PM at the Helping Hand warehouse.
  1. d)November 5th: Rahma Cometary for Boys group C (ages 13+) and Hiking for Girls group C (ages 13+)
  1. e) November 25th: Thanksgiving Break, no halaqa at the masjid
  1. f) December 2nd: Basketball for boys and Skateland for girls
  1. f) December 16th: LAST DAY “Session end Celebration”

Lastly, FNO would like to thank you for your continued support, and we would like to hear from you so we can improve the program.


FNO Administration