• A Few Upcoming Reminders including **NO FNO on 11/25/2016 **

Assalamu Alaikum respected Parents,

** November 25th: FNO not in session

We would like to inform you that there will be no FNO on Friday, November 25th, 2016. We wish you a nice break, bidhni Allah!!

** December 2nd:  FNO in session

1) There will be a field trip to Skateland for all girls in group A, B, and C and boys/girls in group KK (5 & 6 years old).

2) However, all boys in group A, B, and C will have a game night at the masjid including Basketball and much more.

More details to come….

** December 9th: FNO in session

** December 16th: FNO Session end celebration

“Please mark you calendar”

Thank you for partnering with ICEV FNO youth halaqa! Baraka Allahu Fi Kum!


FNO Administration