✅Roles & Responsibilities

The parents are asked to read and discuss the following set of rules and regulations with their children. We have a high behavioral standard in the Islamic halaqa, requiring cooperation between parents, children/youth and program coordinators. The ICEV Friday Night Out Youth Halaqa program has the following set of behavioral expectations for all children/youth to follow.

a) Be responsible for his / her own behavior/action.
b) Shoes must be kept outside on the shoe rack at the main entrance.
d) Listen to and follow directions.
e) Treat every person and all equipments with respect.
f) Use appropriate language at all times.
g) Help to keep classroom and the Masjid premises clean.
h) Walk and not run at any time.
i) No fighting or wrestling.
j) Any kind of food, except water bottle, will not be permitted unless group leader gives permission (chewing gum will not be allowed in the Masjid).
k) It is the responsibility of the attendees to keep the classroom clean. Any object on the floor should be picked up and disposed accordingly.
Not following these rules may result in appropriate action by program coordinator and/or administrative staff.