Information about in-person FNO planning

Assalamu Alaikum Respected Parents,

Hope you are doing well and in good health beidhnillah. 

As you all know, by the grace of Allah, the COVID-19 cases are rapidly decreasing in Arizona as well as the whole nation, and many places of business and worship are slowly opening up towards normal operation. We at ICEV FNO are watching the situation closely, and in-sha-Allah will plan our next step of going back to in-person classes taking into account everyone’s health and safety. We hope to finalize our decision in the first week of August insha Allah and keep you informed via email as well as regular website updates.

We are following all the precautions and guidelines provided by the BOD of the ICEV and insha-Allah we will make our decision in consultation with the BOD. The health and safety of our students, teachers and parents are of utmost importance to us and we will assess CDC guidelines as well as local and state level government mandates for re-opening the in-person classes.

We are looking forward to seeing our students in person at the masjid in-sha-Allah when it is safe to reopen. We are confident that by the help of Allah and with your cooperation we will transition back to the Masjid just as smoothly as we transitioned to the online format.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding. Please stay tuned for latest updates about FNO at WWW.ICEVFNO.COM

Our FNO Fall-2021 registration starts on Aug 13th 2021,  and semester begins on Aug 20th in-sha-Allah. The last day of the fall semester will be Dec. 10th, 2021.

Barakallhu Feekum,