📌ICEV FNO Volunteer Application

“ICEV FNO Team/Volunteer Guide”

ICEV FNO youth Halaqa program has certain expectations of team members / volunteers. In order to secure a positive and healthy environment at the Masjid & wherever else ICEV FNO events are held, the Staff/volunteers need to have specific skills and proficiencies. 

Please review and familiarize yourself with the followings.

Click ➡️ ICEV FNO Team_Volunteer Code of Conduct guide


Click ➡️ ICEV FNO Privacy, Confidentiality, Communication, and Conflict Resolution Policy  guide

Before submitting the application, one must👇

  • be 18+ years old
  • be reliable & responsible
  • be committed
  • be able to follow directions by the administration/leads
  • have good communication skills with adults and children
  • have good work ethic
  • be a team player
  • respect and comply with ICEV FNO culture

Click ➡️ ICEV FNO Volunteer Application in docx

Click ➡️ICEV FNO Volunteer Application in pdf

Submit filled in form to ➡️ icevfno@gmail.com