***Precautionary Advisory Notice

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents:

ICEV is currently undergoing construction of Masjid expansion which started on October 16th, 2017. While Masjid is under construction, we would highly recommend parents to take a few extra precautionary measurements for our youths’ safety and security. We apologize for any inconvenience during pick up and drop off.

As part of FNO, we have over 160 kids registered, and our priority is your child’s safety and avoiding any potential injury. We are also closely working with the Masjid board to keep the premises as safe as possible.

Parents are requested to drop off children inside the Masjid lobby not before 6:50 PM and pick up their children from inside the Masjid lobby by 8:40 PM.

Please explain to your children to…

  • Follow all Masjid’s directions and use the appropriate path to get into the masjid and out
  • Avoid all areas leading to the construction zone
  • Be extra cautious when entering the back parking lot as you will be passing by little children that could be hard to notice
  • Stay with the administration in the lobby until parents arrive specially for children 10 years and under
  • Not to leave the Masjid building without their parents.
  • Not to go outside the Masjid building close to the fence with peers.
  • Help to keep Masjid premises clean and safe while avoiding using the dirt areas to walk through the car specially from the women’s area
  • Keep shoes outside on designated shoe racks.
  • Treat every person and all equipment with respect.
  • Walk, and not run in the Masjid premises.
  • Not to fight, wrestle, and not run close to the car or in the parking lot

Parents, while you are outside the building, please treat all kids like your own kids and give the appropriate supervision and direction for those who are getting close to the hazardous construction areas. Unfortunately, kids’ curiosity sometimes can get them in to trouble and we want to be extra cautious to avoid it.

Again, please keep in mind that ICEV FNO program will not be responsible for students before 6:50 PM and after 8:40 PM on scheduled Fridays.

Thank you and JazakumAllhu Khairan for your continued support and cooperation.

Best Regards,

FNO Administration