• A Special Fun Evening for Girls A + B + C + KitabKorner!

Assalamu Alaikom Respected Parents,

February 9: FNO is having a special fun evening for girls A + B + C & KitabKorner, InShaa’Allah!

  • 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM: Sr. Deeba’s group A (7, 8, 9 yrs old) + Sr. Fatima’s group B (10, 11, 12 yrs old) are having Basketball 🏀 game. Girls are requested to wear weather appropriate clothing suitable for the outdoor basketball activity.
  • 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM: Sr. Naeema’s group C (13 & up yrs old) is having a field trip with Sr. Naeema at Tempe Historical Museum. View A message from Teacher Naeema
  • 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM: Sr. Safa’s KitabKorner group (5 & 6 yrs old Boys & Girls) is having fun party with piñata & games

For the safety of our kids we will have paved parking lot closed. Paved parking will be available only for those who are in need. We would like to request all parents to please park cars on the (south side) dirt parking lot.

We would like to request moms to volunteer in the event to help the teachers to have an organized yet fun event, InShaa’Allah.  Please respond via icevfno@gmail.com to volunteer for better coordination. Your help is much needed and appreciated. 

However, all boys’ classes A, B & C will resume inside the Masjid InShaa’ Allah.

Here’s what else is coming up and more details to follow

  • February 24 (Saturday) 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM: We will have Feed My Starving Children event. 100 spots reserved for all FNO groups except KK group (5 & 6 yrs old). They have specific ratio adult/kids. Grades 3-6: 3 students to 1 adult; Grades 7-9: 4 students to 1 adult; Grades 10-12: 5 students to 1 adult.  Please note that everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (an adult is someone 18 years of age or older). If you are planning to be there and know your family will too, please reserve with the code 1159305  ASAP http://volunteer.fmsc.org/Register/Group/JoinGroup.aspx?gid=1159305
  • March 9: “Meet & Greet Picnic” event
  • March 16: Spring Break – FNO not in session
  • March 23: FNO back in session
  • April 6: Boys basketball 🏀 
  • May 4: CELEBRATE PICFNO Spring 2018 Semester

Thank you and Jazakum Allah Kheiran for your continued support and cooperation.


FNO administration