FNO Jan. 21 Session is Cancelled

Urgent Message to Parents 1/20/2022

Dear FNO Parents:

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah:

We are excited to have ICEV FNO back in session for spring 2022, Alhamdulillah! Currently, we are still encountering some COVID-related absences of our teachers and teachers’ assistants and we will hold off one more Friday  to begin our session. 

🔔 So there will be no  FNO youth halaqa in session on Friday,  January 21st.

🔔 In-Shaa’-Allah, FNO will be back in session on Friday January 28th, 2022.

Also, due to the Omicron surge, FNO timing will be in effect back to 6:45 PM to 7:45 PM on Fridays, starting January 28th, In-Shaa’-ALLAH. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience. 

Alhamdulillah, we truly are blessed and thrilled to have your children at the FNO program. As a part of COVID precautions, we highly recommend that all students 5 yrs and up be vaccinated for their own safety as well as safety of the others around them.

Please keep in mind as a continued and collective effort👇

♻ Parents are requested to keep children home if they have any symptoms of cold/flu, etc.

♻ All students are requested to make wudu at home and bring their own prayer rugs before coming to the Masjid 

All students/people in the Masjid required to keep mask 😷 on at all times

There will be temperature checking at the door for all students


♻ Please drop off & pick up children from outside the doors

In Shaa’ Allah, we look forward to seeing you all on Friday, January 28th. Please stay safe and take good care of yourselves and your families, Bi IdhniAllah. 

👉 We thank you for registering your children at ICEV FNO Youth Halaqa program! Always, remember to stay in touch with icevfno.com or icevfno@gmail.com  or (text only) 480-442-4181. We thank you for partnering with FNO youth Halaqa.

Baraka Allahu Fee Kum!


FNO Administration