FNO Newsletter: Friday March 11th

Assalamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatullah Dear Parents,

FNO Timing: 6:45 PM to 7:45 PM

What you need to be aware of?

  • It will be a regular class day for all groups
  • Maghrib Iqamah will be at 6:45 pm
  • From now on Maghrib prayer will be included in FNO program
  • Please plan accordingly to be there on time (before 6:45)
  • 6:30 pm: temperature checking
  • Boys B class will be outside

As of today 3/11, all Parents WhatsApp groups have been inactivated. Due to the FNO Parents WhatsApp group being hacked recently, we have changed the link to sign-in. For safety and security of our students we request you to

-Please EXIT and DELETE the current group.

-We will notify you via email for any new communication. 

-All students are going to go home with a hard copy of QR code. Please scan the QR code on the hard copy to sign-in your child’s parents WhatsApp group chat. QR code also will be available at the administration for you to sign-in every Friday.

-Admins/Teachers are the only ones who will be sending messages at this time.

-Please check your email for further information. 

-You may text @ 480-442-4181 or email us at icevfno@gmail.com for assistance.

We very much appreciate your kind support and cooperation.

Thank you for partnering with ICEV FNO youth program.

Baraka Allah Fi Kum Wa JazakumAllahu Khairan.


FNO Administration